Here are some pictures from our recent jobs. Featuring various handcrafted full scribe log homes and log cabins made of westrn red cedar.

Slokana Log Homes built this week-end log home near Vitanje, Slovenia.

Slokana Log Homes - Rogla Slovenia

Our featured log cabin was built not far from the Rogla ski hill in Slovenia. The snow was starting to fall as we were re-erecting this log home in the late October weather. This 1109 sq ft plan is now called the Slovenia. To view the floor plans click here.

Slokana Log Homes _Rogla Slovenia

This log cabin features an open spacious design with 2 bedrooms upstairs and a beautiful full rock basement and wine cellar. To see our photo stream of this home click here.

Slokana Log Homes

Mike guiding a log floor joist into place while building a home near Celista, B.C.

Mike guiding floor joist

Mike placing a log purlin for the roof.

Mike placing Log Purlin

An example of a handcrafted log king truss.

Exxample of King Truss

A custom staircase that works well where space is limited.

Small  log staircase example

The Slokana hat is fashionable.

Slokana Hat

We can also build with "Dovetail Notch".

Mike Slokana - Slovenia picture

More pictures of homes built by Slokana Log Homes in Slovenia.

Slokana Log Home in Slovenia
Slokana hancrafted log home.
Picture of a hancrafted Log Home

A great way to celebrate in Slovenia when the log home is complete with accordian, horse drawn hay wagon and great friends.

Time to celebrate in Slovenia
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